P1 Wimax

Imagine a faster WiFi service with a hot spot the size of a city, and you’ll get wireless broadband access coverage up to 50km for fixed stations.

It’s now a reality with P1 W1MAX.

Without the need to chain yourself to wired broadband connections, come experience P1 W1MAX as we take your cyber explorations to new heights and discoveries.

For a limited time, register now with P1 W1MAX and enjoy this promotion designed to save as you surf.

Interested in P1 W1MAX?

High speed wireless broadband

No phone lines needed (savings up to RM49)

Fast service activation (within 1 hour)

No software installation required (plug-and-play)
Standard Plans
Modem Prices

Registration Fee : RM 100 (Upfront Payment)
Activation Fee : RM 60 (1st Bill)
Paper Bill : RM 5/Mth (Optional for Home Plans)